mulberry Some Corsair Hydro Series H100

Some Corsair Hydro Series H100 Coolers Affected with Fan Controller Issues

An increasing number of users of Corsair’s Hydro Series H100 CPU water cooler have mulberry been reporting issues with its fan controller on the company forums. Acknowledging this, Corsair issued a general warning to all owners of the H100 that it’s likely that some of the coolers might be part of a bad manufacturing batch. It looks like Corsair is taking steps towa mulberry rds a general recall (taking back batches of H100 mulberry coolers off the shelves, and asking users of affected batches to return their coolers for free replacement).

Affected Hydro Series H100 series units belong to batch 11359403 (the number under the first barcode in the serial number sticker on your H100 package). The issue itself is related to the button on the unit that changes fan profiles. On affected coolers, the button doesn’t change the fan profile, and the fan works on the default speeds. This doesn’t quite render the cooler dysfunctional, but the cooler doesn’t work as advertised, so it’s a severe enough quality issue. Corsair posted some clear directions on what owners of affected units should do next. The post by Corsair can be read here. CoolIT also has a (patented?) mounting system which makes mounting a sinch. While I’m not a fan of CoolIT (exploding Dominos, piss poor QC on the Ecos, and no mulberry w this), their mounting system really puts the cake in easy.