mulberry Some Employees Stealing More

Some Employees Stealing More

This may sound like an accomplishment, but it’s merely a consequence. The airlines are carrying fewer pieces of luggage, owing mostly to their new fees on checked bags, so they have less to lose, the Chicago Tribune reports.

This is no doubt alarming to those few scoundrels mulberry in the ranks of baggage handlers who are inclined toward larceny, as it constitutes a decline in the number of bags available to steal from. Despite this setback, 10 enterprising Delta employees a mulberry t Bradley are charged with stealing passengers’ property, mainly electronics, The Hartford Courant reports.

Meanwhile, British Airways, sort of a loss leader in the airline indus mulberry try, managed to lose Prince Edward’s luggage, The Daily Mirror reports. This, apparently, is just not done, or at least had never been done before. Royal luggage is not to be lost, nor, one assumes, are their iPods to be trif mulberry led with.