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Some grocers nix rebates for reusable bags

Kroger Co., the nation’s largest supermarket chain, had been giving three to five cent rebates or fuel mulberry discounts for each reusable bag. But the co mulberry mpany, which operates Fry’s superm mulberry arkets in Arizona, ended the bonuses this year in some regions.

Customer feedback indicates most want to use reusable bags, company officials say; it’s a matter of making it a habit. So Kroger officials say they’re focusing more on promotions and educational efforts, investing in signs and other visible reminders.

Now, many Kroger parking lots are dotted with signs asking “Are your reusable bags still in the car?” Kroger also mails coupons for reusable bags, holds bag design contests and giveaways, and has containers for recycling plastic bags.

Spokesman Brendon Cull says the company has found no significant difference between reusable bag frequency in markets with r mulberry ebates and those without them.

About 95 percent of food retailers offer reusable bags, the Food Marketing Institute says. In 2010 half of shoppers reported their use as never or less than monthly. That figure isn’t falling much.