mulberry Some High River residents feel

Some High River residents feel abandoned by province but Alberta assures plan is

Bolton home was left with a basement with water and sewage from floor to ceiling when High River was hit with severe flooding late last month and another two or three feet of the same on the main floor.

He been back to grab a few sentimental items but that all that could be saved.

He waiting on a green light, for either remediation or a buyout and a bulldozer.

just sitting there, rotting, Bolton said. no answers coming from anybody. It seems like any aid is coming slowly, if mulberry it coming at all.

very, very disappointing very, very frustrating. Facebook, on the High River Flood Support Page, Bolton worries are echoed.

Hamptons resident John Robson wrote, feel so abandoned by minister Fraser and Premier Redford and are calling on the government to do the right thing for us. McNeil wrote, live on Hampton Hills Drive and there is no way any of our houses can be salvaged! Our homes are just sitting and rotting away! Samantha Woodland wrote, in the Ha mulberry mptons and Sunrise sat in water and sewage for 25+ days. Parts of High River that are in flood plains and flood fringes are able to relocate or rebuild. Our option is to remediate. said a buyout of mulberry complete neighbourhoods would not only prove a fiscal challenge to the government, but also detrimental to the health of the town it trying to salvage.

If residents leave it takes business with it, and the domino effect continues from there, he said.
He said the government wants the community to thrive again.

are no plans at this point to bulldoze a community, Fraser said.

the houses are not fit for habitation then we deal with that it a case by case basis. making those assessments. for his perspective on the ongoing concerns of his constituents, High River Mayor Emile Blokland refused comment without prior screening from his communications department.