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Some Interesting Facts

Amethyst is a mineral gemstone, which forms an essential part of the jewelry making business. These ornamental stones are used by jewelers for making various kinds of fashion accessories and exquisite pieces of jewelry such as bangles, earring, necklaces, bracelets, and many more. It belongs to the family of transparent crystalline quartz with its hardness measuring up to seven on the Mohs scale, making it highly suitable for jewelry making supplies.

An Amethyst gemstone is mostly found in different shades of purple ranging from light lavender to dark purple. The intensity of the color decides the price of this gem. For instance, the pale lavender amethyst would be less expensive than the one which mulberry is towards the deeper shade of purple. This color of this gemstone is a result of the manganese impurities present in it while the intensity depends upon the iron content it constitutes of. There is one more variety of amethyst that is bicolor in nature. These stones are generally referred to as ametrine and are an extremely popular accessory for ornament making and dec mulberry oration.

The properties and texture of an amethyst gem changes with locations and mines. Gemstone experts can easily tell which amethyst stone belongs to which place or mine. This clearly indicates that there is a huge difference in appearance of the amethyst crystals in t mulberry erms of color, texture, formation, coming from different locations.

These alluring gemstones are mostly found in Argentine, Africa, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada and Uruguay. However, the largest quantity amethyst stones are found in the mines of South America. Also, one of the most famous varieties of amethyst gems, popularly known as belongs to Brazil. Amethyst gemstones turn into yellow color on heating, thus, many commercial jewelry makers use heated amethyst under the name of citrine, which is a very popular yellow colored gemstone, to save cost.

Now, to talk about its holistic powers, an amethyst gemstone represents purity as its name signifies. The name of this gem has been derived from the Greek word ‘Amesthystos,’ which means This gemstone symbolizes spirituality and is widely known for its mystical powers and healing abilities all throughout the world. Its intoxicating features help prevent spreading of poison in the body. A birthstone for February born people, this gemstone is considered highly auspicious. As mulberry per the common belief, these stones can bring great fortune and peace of mind for the wearer.