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Some licensed establishments to open early on Sunday for big game

By the end of the day Friday, so many applic mulberry ations had come in that a “blanket” approval was granted to all Saskatchewan bars save those in Prince Albert where the city specifically requested approval not be granted. on Sunday businesses “can start to open and serve alcohol if they choose.” (It’s best to check with the individual businesses as to what time they will open.)

“They are still expected to follow the same rules that they would anytime with their liquor permit so not overserving, serving to minors, overcrowding, those ty mulberry pes of things,” Choma said.

Mark Bologna, bar manager at Leopold’s, expressed excitement about the decision allowing businesses to extend their hours.

“We’re glad to be able to be open and watch our Canadian team .,” he said. “It’s definitely good for business. It’s early on Sunday, but we expect to be full.”

Gregory “Junior” Osmond, bartender at O’Hanlon’s, was also anticipating a busy but exciting day.

“It’s great for the business, it’s good for the community .,” he said. “We’re going to have a great time with it. I’m going to try to bring my roommate in mulberry and play the organ in between commercials like the arena . We’re just going to have a ball. Good times, good food, good sports.”

This isn’t the sort of thing the SLGA does frequently, mulberry Choma said.

“Usually we’ve done it before in the past, maybe if there was some kind of significant event within the province like the Junos for example, we allowed an extension of hours for that and I think for the Grey Cup in the past we’ve done it,” she said. “But it’s not something that happens very often.”

The decision to grant an extension of hours typically comes down to a business’ compliance history and whether the municipality supports the extension.