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Some Methods to Flumux Users and Sellers

Flip them. Pay them HALF of what they make running drugs. Not as informants, but as students making 80% or better grades. This would cutdown on deaths of minoritie mulberry s and increase the graduation rates in America. And, offer adult ed. Set the goal to 20% reduction in arrest from neighborhood for one calendar year and withdraw the stipend if it becomes 19.99%.

MalcomnXY I’ve pondered the plastic and I deem it solid. Especially the ban of small “dime” bags. However, I did consider the rightness in tracking their bulk purchases as a way to identify stations mulberry that break drugs down into “dime” bags.

I do think having the federal government design bags that melt stealthy is sensible.

Yes, there are balloons, but the distribution or contact accessibility is highly restrictive in a non lucid state.

Yes, there are other methods of holding drugs, but then DEA has point of access to paper and wax and small bottles manufacturers and mulberry d mulberry istributors. You could lessen drug flow by limiting containment accessibility. I’d say it’d be dramatic.