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Some Methods to Save Environment

Our earth is in dilemma. Nearly every day we come across another problem distressing the environment there is number of list of the problems such as pollution, climate change, acid rain, the destruction of rainforests other wild habitats, decline extinction of thousands of variety of animals and plants so on. We must learn to survive in a sustainable way and learn to proper utilization our natural resources that comprise air, wildlife, freshwater, forests, farmland seas without damaging them. There are some of the ideas to protect our environment:

The organ mulberry ic matter for example potato mulberry peelings, leftover foodstuff tea leaves etc. can be transferred directly to a compost mound in garden used as a good quality natural fertilizer for the flora.

Try to stay away from buying synthetic. It is tough to recycle. One method to cut down on syntheti mulberry c is to say no to use carrier bags presented by supermarkets and use tough long lasting shopping handbags instead, or use again synthetic bags again a mulberry nd again.