mulberry purse Spectator guide for Crowne Pla

Spectator guide for Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial

No tickets will be sold at the course entry gates during tournament week. Public ticket prices: Champions Club ba mulberry purse dge (through Sun.), $225; Grounds badge (through Sun.), $100; Daily ticket, $45 (one day admission, through Sunday). Daily youth tickets (ages 13 17) are $15. Children 12 and under are free. Tickets also can be purchased at area Tom Thumb stores. Cost is $10 per day at both locations. Cost includes round trip shuttle bus service to and from Colonial. Will Call note: Patrons utilizing the offsite Will Call office, located in the city park off Rogers Road, should go by Wi mulberry purse ll Call before parking their car for the tournament. Will Call is not near the main tournament entrances. After picking up their packet, patrons should then drive to their designated parking lot. Highlights: Thursday Sunday: Tournament rounds. Awards ceremony on 18th green following final round. Mobile mulberry purse Device Policy: All mobile devices must remain on silent mode at all times. Phone calls can be received or made only in designated Cell Phone Zones located on course and identified with signage. Mobile devices may not be used for video recording at any time, and cannot be used for still photograph mulberry purse y Thursday Sunday. Spectator notes: The following items are prohibited on the course: large purses or bags, firearms, backpacks, clipboards, cameras (not allowed Thursday Sunday), glass containers or alcohol. These items will be confiscated if brought to the tournament. All purses and bags will be inspected. No large bags allowed. Small stools/sports chairs are allowed. Inclement weather policy: Observe the leader boards throughout the golf course for warning signs that will appear prior to inclement weather moving into the area. When this sign appears, spectators are advised to take precautions prior to play being suspended. If the siren sounds, seek shelter immediately. Avoid open areas, hilltops or high places, isolated trees, golf carts and wire fences. Autograph information: Posters and autograph items larger than 8 by 12 inches should not be brought to the tournament. Clipboards are not allowed. Player autograph area is under awning outside the players locker room. each day, on the southwest corner of the Sundance Square area (bordered by 4th, 5th, Throckmorton and Houston streets). Performers include Bleu Edmondson (Thursday) and Quaker City Night Hawks (Friday). The event is free.

mulberry purse Spectacular light show from sp

Spectacular light show from space lights up night sky

Each year, as Earth moves through a trai mulberry purse l of dust from the comet Swift Tuttle’s 133 year orbit, the night sky lights up in a hail of celestial fire known as the Perseid meteor shower or, at least, people hope it will. Along with the Leonids in November, the Perseids are one of two major meteor showers on the annual calendar, “one of the two likely to come through,” said Tim Thompson, president of the Los Angeles Astronomical Society and a retired Jet Propulsion Laboratory astronomer. Emanating from the constellation Perseus, the shower is caused when particles of the comet’s dust disintegrate in flashes of light as they hit the earth’s atmosphere. Optimal viewing times will be during the darkest hours before dawn tonight and into Friday morning, when NASA estimates meteors could average one per minute. With a new moon offering minimal distraction, observers are hoping this year will be a good one, weather permitting. While the International Meteor Organization calls the Perseids “one of the most exciting and dynamic” showers, prized for its fast moving meteors, others say they aren’t a showboat but a crowd pleaser for accessibility and timing. “As far as meteor showers go,” says Jane Houston Jones, education and outreach coordinator for JPL and an avid amateur astronomer, “this one isn’t the biggest or the best, but it is the most accessible because it’s in the summer when weather is nicer . so people can take that time and go somewhere away from the lights.” Thompson says there is no real way to tell if this year will be especially fruitful: “Expectations for meteor showers are a crapshoot. No one really knows whether it will be better or worse or good or bad you just have to go and look and find out.” Many plan to flee the city lights and head toward darker corners of Southern California’s mountains or deserts. “In order to see them you need dark skies because the city’s light pollution has nearly killed everything you have to go farther and farther,” said Bob Alborzian, a 42 year member of the Sidewalk Astronomers Society and an astrophysicist by training. Alborzian suggests hopeful spectators drive out toward Palmdale and find an open field, or up the Templin Highway, about 10 miles north of Magic Mountain, where they can pull off, turn left or right, “and drive as far and as deep as possible.” If it’s dark enough, he says, they may see a few meteors per hour. Friday. If you can’t make it out of the city, Jones suggests finding an urban space like a park where there are fewer lights. “Just get yourself comfortable and maybe turn off the outside lights and hopefully you’ll be able to see some of the brighter ones.” Among stargazers, says Jones, Perseid i mulberry purse s a big event, but doesn’t require any special equipment or expertise. “People like me will just be sitting in a lawn chair, using our eyes to get a nice, big view of the sky.” Look to the northeast, from where the meteors will appear mulberry purse to generate, advises Jones. “Not straight up, (but) kind of half way up the sky at around midnight.” She adds, however, that the shooting stars will be visible all over the sky: “nice long ones will streak across the sky and be visible for people looking in any direction.” This year, viewers will also be treated to an opening act: around sunset tonight, before the meteor shower, Jones says even people in the most light polluted areas wi mulberry purse ll be able to see the moon and three planets together in the Western sky. “You don’t need a telescope. Mars, Saturn and Venus will be making a little triangle, about as big as if you hold your fist out over your head. 4444

mulberry purse Specimen TransportSpecimen

Specimen Transport

Specimen Containers and Enclosures Specimens, when they are to be transported by hand or local transport, should be dispatched in individual plastic bags. The bags should be sealed by means of an integral sealing strip or by other suitable means so they can be opened without using sharp instruments. Bags should not be sealed with pins, staples or metal clips, and paperwork should not be placed into bags with the specimen or be stapled or pinned to it. Specimen bags should not be re used. The Code of Practice (DHSS, 1978) and HSAC 1986 (Ref 8) specify that secure transport boxes (metal or plastic) with secure lids shall be used for regular transport of sp mulberry purse ecimen containers. They must not be overfilled. Unless all specimens are bagged indiviually, the specimen transport carrier must be designed:

To limit all unneccesary hand contact. To make it easy to identify a leaking container. To prevent any leaking specimens contaminating other specimens, request forms of the hands of the person who sorts the specimens. Transport boxes or trays should not be used for any other purpose.

Blood specimens should be collected routinely into the Vacutainer system bottles.

Urine, FOBs and sputum samples are collected routinely into sterile plastic ‘Universal’ containers.

All specimens should be transported to the laboratory in plastic transport bags, either as part of the blue printed multi part request form, or in a seperate bag provided for the purpose. The bags need to be sealed completely to prevent a leaking or broken container from contaminating other samples, request forms, the hands of laboratory personnel and the immediate environment.

Place the transport bags into the Pathology transport tin and send to the laboratory.

The person sending the specimen must ensure that the appropriate specimen container is selected and used, that it is properly closed and is not externally contaminated by the contents.

Specimen Transport Carriers When using the Hospital transport, spe mulberry purse cimen containers must be transported in the secure metal boxes provided by the Pathology laboratory at Frimley Park Hospital.

Labe mulberry purse lling of the Transport Carriers Outside

In the even that the transport box is lost or the vehicle is involved in a traffic accident, each box must carry warning labelsthat state,”Danger of Infection Do Not Open”. The label should request the finder to contact the nearest hospital or police station. Absorbant pads should be placed in mulberry purse side the tin. (Documents sent to the laboratory together with samples in the same box should be autoclaved and returned to sender).