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Speed Bag Swivel problem

I purchased a speed bag set back in April of this year. I was working on it 3 5 a week up until the beginning of June, when the Everlast S Hook swivel broke. The rod just popped out of the swivel ball. So I went and bought another one the following week. I only got to work on it about 5 times before this one busted as well. Is this normal? I don’t like the idea of dishing out $20 bucks every few weeks. Could I be doing something wrong? I don’t really think I’m strong enough to be doing this kind of damage. Thanks!the problem you are having is somewhat uncommon to my own experience. Years ago I used Everlast Ball Hook swivels for many hours every day and seldom had that problem. but I have had a ball hook rod come lose once or twice, and there is normally a tightening nut inside the ball. But to have it happen on two different swivels is rare in my experience. However, most of my ball hook swivels are 2 years old or more. I noticed the new everlast ball hooks in Oshmans and Champs sporting goods have a slightly longer rod in them. I hate that because it lengthens the arc of the rebound, but it may also be a cheaper version of their ball hook swivel. Everyone is cheaping out these days.My suggestion would be to see if mulberry purse there is a tightening nut on the ball ( usually uses an allen wrench ) to reset the rod and tighten it down. If not, try one of t mulberry purse he other swivels on the market. I suggest the mulberry purse chain link or “Everlast top professional swivel” at thi mulberry purse s link.

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Speed Bag Setup

Alan, I am interested in starting to train with a speed bag but I haven’t had much luck with any equipment. I recently purchased a 3 piece speed bag set from Everlast featuring a 3/4 inch platform, swivel, and vinyl speed bag. I have already had mulberry purse to return the item once because the vinyl bag has ripped where i mulberry purse t hangs by the hook. Also, the hook broke where it hangs from the swivel. I have had my new set up for one day and already the vinyl bag has ripped.I realize I need to get a nice leather bag but I was wondering if you could make a suggestion for a quality speed bag, swivel, as well as a platform. The platform that came with the set seems to vibrate every time I strike a bag and I can’t seem to get a good rhythm.Are their particular brands you trust? I mulberry purse have been very unimpressed with Everlast, although I realize I probably got what I paid for.Welcome to the world of cheap speed bag equipment. Sorry to hear about your lousy first entry into speed bag training. You are not th mulberry purse e first to contact me with negative remarks about the everlast vinyl bags. And the recent cheapo swivels they include with the “economy” set.

mulberry purse Speed Bag Setup and the Double

Speed Bag Setup and the Double End Bag

After your response to my last question (which was extremely helpful) I find myself on holiday in my home town of Leicester (UK) as I currently live in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Whilst here I managed to “bag” (sorry about the pun) a bargain and get a leather Lonsdale speed bag (roughly a 10×8) for 6 instead of 30. What do you think of this brand?

My question concerns the setting up of this at home. I’m stuck for space and currently have a heavy bag on a bracket attached to an exterior wall. I train outside and then when finished I simply unhook the bag and store it indoors. I would love to get a speedbag platform set up next to the heavy bag but I’m a bit concerned about the effect the climate in Northern Ireland will have on the platform.

I can unhook the ball after every session but I’m unsure as to how to cover the platform or if there are any platforms that will withstand rain, etc.? Maybe you can get a detachable platform? Any advice would be much appreciated (did I mention I’m on a tight budget?!!).

Also, I managed to pick up a leather Lonsdale double end ball at the same store for 12 instead of 45 (call me the bargain hunter) but I don’t have a clue how to use it. What is it used for and how should you use it? How tightly should it be strung up (how much should it move around after it’s been hit) and at what level should the ball be? I’m planning on hooking it to my heavy bag bracket and simply attaching a weight to the floor to keep it anchored. Again, any advice would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

Nice hearing from you again. Sorry, but I don’t anything about Lonsdale bags. I’ve never hit one. But, getting any bag cheap is great as long as it is not a “cheap bag”.

As far as speed bag platforms outside, I would say put up a hardwood board that is weather treated for wet weather. Perhaps even with an acrylic finish or sealer. Also, try and set mulberry purse it up so you can remove the board from the frame for a real soaker. D mulberry purse ry the wood as quickly if it is wet. The metal framing will probably fare better in the outside than the wood. You might even consider using a metal rebound ring, but I haven’t seen one for sale in a long time. Maybe they sell them overseas your way.

It is used for punching moving, swaying target that you can “slip”, but letting it come close to your face or head and barely move to let it just miss you. It is different from the speed bag in that a speed bag has a fixed arc of movement. No matter how hard you hit it, it will rebound the same distance from the swivel. But the double end bag will have a much larger and faster range of swing due to the elasticity of the bungee cords. It also reacts more realistically to a punch direction, and can come out you from all angles. the speed bag is more fixed in its range of motion. It is more of a light jab, multiple jab, combination bag than the speed bag, without the hard feel as the heavy bag.

You asked: “How tightly should it be strung up (how much should it move around after it’s been hit) and at what level should the ball be?”

String it tight enough to stretch any loose play out of the bands. Once al mulberry purse l the slack is out, you can use the distance you want it to move as a guide. the tighter the bands, the more tension, the smaller the arc of movement. But tight bands can also make it fling back pretty fast if you really smack it. As far as the level, Most people prefer it mulberry purse from shoulder to head high, depending on the level you want to work on your punching. In fact, there is a “double” double end bag set up that allows for two ball targets on the same bungee, allowing you to punch at two targets at two heights. Heavy bags don’t punch back double end bags do! You learn to bob and weave, slip and duck, keep your hands up and move your head. When you strike the double end bag, it will react by moving quickly away, then rebound back right at you. You can either wear your boxing gloves, striking mitts or hand wraps when hitting the double end striking bag. Boxing gloves give a larger contact surface and initially may be a better choice. Work towards using just hand wraps or striking mitts.

Strike the bag and slip out of the way of the rebound. You do not have to strike with a lot of power, work on technique. Try to strike in the center of the bag at first, making the bag move directly back and straight at you. Move out of the way and then strike the bag again. Practice your slips, add footwork, move in and out, circle the bag, and mix up the punches.